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Welcome from the SCIJ international committee
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Dear members,

In four months, the Ski Club International des Journalistes will be the guest of SCIJ-Canada for our 58th International Meeting.

The name ‘Canada’ evokes open spaces, a well-preserved and protected natural landscape, and unique powder snow. The name ‘Banff’ conjures a National Park of breathtaking beauty, with ski slopes in a majestic and incomparable setting. Banff also means a first class tourism offer - in terms of infrastructure, lodgings and hospitality. The Organisation Committee has capitalized on this richness, and our Canadian friends’ many months of hard work has resulted in a programme for a truly memorable SCIJ meeting.

The first Banff Newsletter informs you of the procedures to follow for online financial inscriptions, internet application form, etc.  With the support of the International Committee, the Organisation Committee is insisting that all members selected for this 58th Meeting have to be real professionals of media.

SCIJ Canada is offering you a list of suggestions for reports, portraits, interviews, etc. The choice is wide, rich and varied, and provides topics of interest to all of us. SCIJ Canada expects a significant portfolio of press clippings, and their request seems logical to us and has our full support.

One again I insist: more than ever, participants at SCIJ meetings must be real representatives of the media. Each national section of SCIJ has to comply, for the good of SCIJ and out of respect for the organisers and their partners who put money into such events. Our rules, and our credibility as a club of journalists demand it.

I want to thank SCIJ Canada for all the work already accomplished and for what will be done  to provide such a fantastic meeting. I thank you also, dear members of SCIJ, for your support, your understanding and your contributions. They are essential to the evolution and continued success of our institution.

Your President
Miguel Aquiso