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Before you Register
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There is much preparation work you can do to ensure the registration process goes smoothly. Follow the steps as outlined below so that you are properly prepared to register once you access the registration process. Your registration will not be finalized before the following steps are complete.

1.0 Press Card

1.1 Ensure that you have a scanned version (PDF or JPEG) of your press Card.

1.2 The press card must be in English or French. If the press card is not in these languages, it must be scanned and translated by a certified translator.

2.0 Letter of Assignment

2.1 If you do not have a press card – you can submit a letter of assignment (or intent of assignment) from your media supervisor. The letter must be legible, in English or French and on the official letterhead of your media organization. If you are freelance, obtain a letter written from the media with which you collaborate most. It must be scanned in JPEG or PDF format.

Without a duly signed letter of assignment or media accreditation no registration will be considered.

3.0 Payment

3.1 Make sure you have a valid credit card: VISA, or MasterCard are accepted. Online payments are the payments we accept. If the payment is not completed, then you are not registered and there will be no room held for you.

4.0 Ski Rentals

4.1 If you are planning to rent skis, make sure you do so online. This will ensure your skis are waiting for you when you arrive.

The cost of ski rentals does not include insurance at $2.50 per day. If you wish to purchase insurance, please do so on site.

5.0 Nordic Skis

5.1 Nordic skis are free. There is a $ 10 charge for insurance. The race is an obligation according to club rules.

6.0 Pre- and Post-tours

6.1 If you are considering coming on a pre-post tour, don’t wait to register. There is limited space and you may be disappointed if you wait too long.

7.0 Taxes

7.1 The registration fee includes all taxes. All fees are collected in Canadian dollars. No fees are accepted on site.

All other fees, ski rentals and pre and post tours include taxes and fees of 15%.