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Registration Confirmation / What Happens Next

1.0 When you have completed and paid for your registration as indicated above, you will receive an automatic receipt by email. Your credit card will be charged at this point.

2.0 You registration and credentials will then be validated in Canada by a third party firm. This process will take a maximum of four business days.

3.0 Once we have approved your registration, we will send you a personalized code to book your 30% discount on Air Canada. This code is unique to you and will expire after one use. Once your travel is booked, you can then input your flight information in your personalized registration.

4.0 Air Canada Booking Engine

5.0 Register for the Fairmont President Club (FPC) online:

5.1 Your registration allows you a speedy check-in upon arrival at the hotel with the possibility of room upgrades.

5.2 You will receive complimentary Internet access. This will be the only way to access the Internet during the meeting. The media room computers will require your FPC code. You will also have access to free local calls, and complimentary health club access.

6.0 If your registration is declined, we will advise you, your captain and the SCIJ International Committee by email of the errors that need to be corrected. You will have five business days to make the proper corrections. Should you be unable to do so, your registration will be cancelled and money returned.

7.0 Your place will be opened up for another member to register.

8.0 If you have not completed your registration (paid in full by credit card) by the registration deadline, your place will be cancelled and given to someone else.