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Act like Ladies and Gentlemen
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Over the years, many SCIJ Organizing Committees have noticed how basic rules of politeness and courtesy have deteriorated.
The Canadian Organizing Committee, looking towards Banff 2011, would like to remind everyone that good behaviour is expected towards delegates, our hosts, our sponsors, personalities and guests invited to our meetings.

Always be courteous and treat others as you would like to be treated. A friendly gesture may be small, but it is such nice gestures that contribute to the convention’s pleasant atmosphere for all.

Civic-mindedness and respect
This meeting would not be possible without the support of many sponsors. When a guest, a personality or a sponsor addresses our group, we must keep silent and turn our phones off. Not only might you disturb your colleagues, your behaviour reflects on the SCIJ’s general image. You can continue your conversation later.

Don’t hesitate to thank the guests during the meeting. They will appreciate it. 

You are satisfied with the service? In North America and Canada, it is customary to leave a 15 % tip.

In restaurants and bars, tip 15% with taxis tip 10%. At the end of the week leave $20 for the chambermaid for cleaning your room.
Guests in the rooms
If you invite colleagues into your room at the end of the evening, please be quiet so as not to bother other clients. Also be careful of the furniture and keep your room clean.

Schedules and transportation
For bus transportation from the hotel to different sites and back, respect the schedule and be on time. The same goes for meetings and assemblies.

Upon departure
At the end of your stay, please settle all your extras, phones, laundry, alcohol, etc.

Dress Code
Let’s put some decorum into the last evening. Black Tie will be the code.